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Name: Scott Summers
Age: 18
Nemesis: Duncan
Powers: Optic Blasts
Originally from: Missouri
Known Family: Alex (Brother), parents died
Grade: Senior
Classes: Physics, Gym, AP American History, AP American Literature, Spanish and Trigonometry.
Hobbies: Varsity basketball, varsity soccer and yo-yo tricks.
Favorite music: R.E.M., Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins, etc.
Favorite foods: burgers, tacos and pizza.
Has a crush on: Jean Grey

In Scott Summers' case, looks can kill! Scott's eyes project devastating force beams that cannot be controlled, merely aimed. Forever in fear of unleashing their power and causing untold destruction, Cyclops is still a confident and good-natured leader whose concerns for his teammates override his own troubles.
He has to try to be a good role model for the kids at the institute since he is considered a teacher. He is one of the original students of Xavier therefore he has a lot of experience
He can be sort of a macho-man sometimes to try to impress Jean and end up looking like an idiot. Scott is considered to be a good sport, he can take a joke. When he was young, his parents died in a plane crash. He and his brother Alex jumped out just in time but Scott's parachute caught on fire and he hit the ground pretty hard. Scott fell in a coma, when he got awake, he was told his brother Alex has died which is totally untrue. Scott wont ever forget that traumatic experience.
Scott is a bit revolutionary, deep down he wishes he could reveal the X-men to the world but unfortunately, the world is not yet ready for mutants. Especially some with destructive powers like his destructive optic blast.
He is a very caring person, once in a while he goofs around but most of the time he keeps his cool. His eyes hide behind those glasses at school and yet, no one really asks themselves why. C
urrently dating Jean after she told off Duncan


Name: Jean Grey
Code name: None
Age: 17
Powers: Telekinesis and Telepathy, like Prof X but less strong
Originally from: Connecticut
Known Family: Parents and Sister
Grade: Junior
Classes: Chemistry, American Literature, American History, French, Trigonometry and Art class
Hobbies and pastimes: Cheerleading, fashion, cooking, malling and playing soccer.
Favorite music: Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morisette ect
Favorite foods: Sushi, French cuisine and anything trendy
Group status: Perfect girl

She's the high school junior, Jean is the redhead who happens to be very popular ;). She's considered to be the one who is less weird and than all the others at Xavier institute. Jean has a sibling relationship with Scott Summers, and likes to push his buttons. Knowing that Scott might have a slight crush on her. She seems to overlook him and go for other guys.
Although Scott and Jean are in different grades, they have many classes together -- as is the case in high school. Since they are always budding around together, people perceive them as a couple. This will lead to Scott getting razzed and hassled by jealous football players, and other such high school situations.
Because Jean is a cheerleader, she gets to hang out with the other cheerleaders and jocks. And although Scott wouldn't be excluded from such activities (being somewhat of a jock himself), he would keep the perspective that their duties at the Xavier Institute always need to take precedence over, say, going out with other kids. Jean will need to learn this lesson, since she will be pulled in two directions at once (hanging out with the cool kids versus training with the X-Men).
Jean grew up in Connecticut, in an utterly normal upper-middle-class family. She has a non-mutant sister, and her parents are still alive and happily married. Jean is a telekinetic (TK), enabling her to move objects merely by thinking about it. At first, weight will be a real issue with her -- and she starts out only able to move what she can actually lift with her arms. Jean has latent telepathic (TP) abilities. Professor X, the world's greatest telepath, will train her to use and refine these powers. However, telepathic abilities are hardly a blessing -- especially in high school! When her TP powers first manifest, Jean will first overhear exactly the last things she'd want to -- especially about herself! An additional drawback to TP is that some of the things you hear are true, and some of the things may actually be misperceptions, or even outright lies planted into other people's heads. (A villain such as Magneto or Mystique may use this principle to their advantage, to plant a lie to lure the X-Men into action.) Cureently dating Scott Summers.


Name: Kurt Wagner
Age: 15
Code Name: Nightcrawler
Powers: Teleportation
Originally From: Germany
Known Family: Mystique, adopted parents
Grade: Freshman

Kurt unlike the other mutants at Xavier?ses a halo inducer. His original form is blue with a tail. Logan nickname for him is elf. Loves to play pranks at times and possible crush on Kitty. Was ashamed of being a mutant after the attack. Reused to say he was apart of the X-Men, and didn't wish to show his true form. Dating Amanda, even if her parents forbid it.


Name: Katherine "Kitty" Pryde
Age: 15
Code name: ShadowCat
Powers: Corporal Intangibility, in other words, she can pass through walls ;)
Originally from: Illinois (USA)
Known Family: Parents
Grade: Freshman
Classes: Computer Sciences, Honors English, Honors Social Studies, Astrophysics, Gym and Trigonometry
Hobbies and pastimes: Dance, trombone, in-line skating, cooking , malling, Russian Club and yoga.
Favorite music: Country and all the Divas (Cher, Celine, Mariah, etc.)
Favorite foods: Ice cream, pizza, and salad.
Group status: Typical girl

Kitty Pryde is a freshman, she's the youngest in her class. She is kinda naive and totally idealistic. She's in it to fight the good fight and will need no convincing to rush off into battle. Kitty grew up in Northbrook, an affluent area outside Chicago with her parents. They will be shocked to discover how different their "little kitten" is, and they'll be in total denial. When Professor X offers to help Kitty and displays his other students, the Pryde?ill be utterly horrified and turn down the Professor. But after seeing the X-Men in action, the Pryde family will do an about-face. Kitty will join the Institute, as well as the team. Kitty's powers enable her to phase through walls. She does this by canceling out the space between atoms, and therefore should not turn transparent when phasing; she does not turn into a ghostly vision. Kitty is Jewish, we can tell my looking at the eppy "On Angel's wings", she is with her parents lighting a menorah. Lance broke up with her during a fght, saying she was too good for him.


Name: Evan Daniels
Age: 15
Powers: Self-Replicating Exoskeleton
Nemesis: Quicksilver
Originally from: New York
Known Family: Storm (Aunt) and Parents seen in Speed and Spyke
Grade: Freshman
Classes: Introductory Spanish, College English, Social Studies, Introductory Astronomy, Gym, Algebra and Art.
Hobbies: Skateboarding, soccer, video games and comic books.
Favorite music: Lenny Kravitz, Smashmouth, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Surf tunes.
Favorite foods: Gyros, tacos, Cajun cooking

The interesting thing about this character is tall he's totally new. He was made exceptionally for X-men Evolution. I made some research if he existed before in the original x-men comic but he wasn't. I think he appeared on the old tv show "X-men" though. I remember seeing him in Africa with his aunt Storm. Of course, in there he wasn't from NY. He was dressed like an African.
He's Evan Daniels, also known as Spyke. Evan -- who is Storm's nephew -- may look completely normal most of the time, but his super-human bone-growth ability allows him to sprout protrusions through his skin to form a protective coating of spikes. These Stegosaurus-like growths, shooting out from his arms and back, also enable him to create his own offensive weapons. Having grown up in New York City, X-Men: Evolution is Evan's first experience interacting with fellow mutants. He's a great character that kids will relate to; he brings a lot of new energy

The creators were originally pushing for kind of these tied-down braids, but they didn't go that way. They went for more of a Dennis Rodman-type of cut, since he's into basketball and skateboarding. His hair, like his aunt's, is not the black hair color. It's yellower and gives him a little more of a unique work. It's like a flattop with a cut-in. Bleached hair ;)

Evan Daniels is a confident, complex freshman at Bayville High who's a little too boastful of his powers. While most teens are concerned about acne covering their faces and limbs, Evan has quite a different epidermal concern. It seems that, although Evan looks completely normal most of the time, he was born with a rapid bone-growth ability that allows him to sprout protrusions through his skin to form protective coatings and spikes. However, instead of being apprehensive about this ability, Evan embraces it. This lionhearted mutant and acrobatic skateboarder is a total showboat, which is seen in both the skate parks and the throws of conflict. There is still much for this young thrill-seeking mutant to learn - such as firing his spikes like missiles - but with the help of Professor X and his fellow mutants, Spyke is sure to be an integral part of the team. His powers were getting hard to control once he drank some sports drink. Currently living in the sewers with the morlock's.


Name: unknown (Marie?)
Rogue means: A mischievous person, a scamp or scoundrel
Age: 15
Powers: Power & Memory Absorption
Has a crush on: Scott
Originally from: Mississippi
Known Family: Mystique??, Irene(foster Mother) seen in Rogue Recruit
Grade: Sophomore
Classes: Speech, European History, French, Geometry, Gym and Bio
Hobbies and pastimes: Horseback riding, guitar and cooking
Favorite music: Garbage, gangsta rap, Marilyn Manson and Korn (she?ot pretty good taste ;)
Favorite foods: Catfish, grits and hush-puppies.
Group Status: Lonely little goth girl

She is a high-school sophomore who will prove to be the series' least-predictable and most complicated character. Marked by the doubts that accompany being a teenage girl, plus the anxiety that comes with being a mutant, Rogue will be a character the fans love. Plus, I like her accent. It's pretty cool.
Rogue is an uncertain and insecure 15-year-old, not the voluptuous bombshell she grew to be in the comics. She is totally isolated from other people. Her mutant ability prevents her from so much as touching another person, if she does, she robs them of their memories and render them unconscious. And if the person she touches is a mutant, Rogue also will steal his or her powers temporarily and will be able to use them.
Rogue's isolation leads her to be petulant, sarcastic and alarmingly defensive. In other words, she's a normal teenager! Thanks to her isolation, Rogue has trouble trusting people. The farthest thing from a star student, Rogue is more at home hanging with the bad kids. Thus, out of the show's heroes, she is the most at risk of turning bad herself. Having so many memories in her head everyone at once was trying to take over her body and mind. Professor was able to get rid of them for her which took out a lot of strength from himself and her. Discovered Mystique adopted her when she was only four years old. Therefore leaving Kurt to be her adopted brother.