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Name: Remy LeBeau
Age: 16
Powers: telekinetic, usually with cars, he blows them up
From: New Orleans

Remy is the heart throb of girls everywhere, the Cajun accent and his charm makes him irresistible, except to one girl so far. Former thief

Name: St. John Allerdyce
Age: 17
Powers: ability to control fire, not make it
From: Australia

St. John is hot-headed and has a temper to match his red hair.


Name: Piotr Rasputin

Age: 18

Powers: ability to turn outer body into metal.

From: Russia

Piotr is the quiet one in the group. Likes art. Told Wolverine that Magneto had enough information on him that he couldn't leave. Has a younger sister, Illiyana.