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Name: Todd Tolanski
Age: 15
Powers: Powerful Leg Muscles/Prehensile Tongue/Spit Spray
High School Grade: Freshman

There's a Todd Tolanski at every school, a shrimpy wise-mouth who thinks he's tough because of the thugs he hangs around with, the jerk who thinks he's got all the angles figured out when even his friends are playing him for a fool.
A freshman at Bayville High School, Todd hangs out with the other members of the Brotherhood as his way to gain respect. He's really an idiot, a puppet. He's also a big-time doofus who always has to explain the bad jokes he's making while leaping about causing all manner of mayhem. He's considered to be a follower. Todd is also very stubborn, when he wants something he'll try as hard as he can to get it. Also, he uses very catchy lines. Toad has incredible leg muscles for kicking, a long tongue for grabbing things and can spit-spray goop to gunk-up the works for people (such as Cyclops' visor). Has a huge crush on Wanda, showing his soft side that many people never knew he had. Can be quite charming at times (and very cute ^_^) Would do anything to protect her. trying to earn his spot on Magneto's new team.


Name: Lance Alvers
Age: 17
Powers: Geological Manipulation
Originally from: Illinois
High School Grade: Junior

That's no earthquake, that's Avalanche! High-school senior Lance Alvers can project waves of energy into the ground, producing all manner of seismic mayhem. Lance's powers are very taxing, and using them gives him headaches. Therefore, he can only employ his abilities on a limited basis before losing control of his potentially unlimited powers.

Recently he has become romantically involved with Shadowcat and even joined the X-Men in an attempt to be closer to her. His time as an X-Man was brief however and he has chosen to return to the Brotherhood where he feels at home. He doesn't really know how to deal with all the training and the discipline the x-men have to go through. Also, he prefers the brotherhood because birds of a feather, stick together (in other words, they all think the same way). Currently broke up with Kitty during a fight saying she was too good for him. Despises Pietro for being leader.


Name: Fred Dukes
Age: 17
Powers: Invulnerable Epidermis
Known Family: None
High School Grade: Junior

High-school junior Fred J. Dukes -- "Freddy," to his friends -- is a huge, lumbering jerk who can absorb anything physical into his layers of fat. Even Wolverine's claws are useless against him! A natural bully, Blob always gets his way by virtue of his brutish personality. Boisterous and surly, he cows the people around him by ridiculing anybody whose point of view differs from his in the slightest. Just hope you don't like a band he hates, or you'll never hear the end of it.


Name: Pietro Maximoff
Age: 16
Powers: Super-Speed
Originally from: New York
Known Family: Magneto and Wanda
High School Grade: Sophomore

An exchange student at Bayville High, Pietro is a fast-talking punk with a bad attitude. As Quicksilver, he wears a sleek, streamlined suit that mirrors his lightning speed. Although in his teens, Pietro has great control of his powers, which he uses to his advantage as the Brotherhood's unspoken team leader. Pietro can be a real show-off though, he considers himself a hit with the ladies (He keeps it cool and under control, but he's always nagging Spyke, his eternal nemesis. If ever there is a fight between brotherhood and x-men, Quicksilver will be the one taking on Spyke with his super-speed. Betrayed everyone when he joined forces with his father and his new team against the X-Men and the Sentinals. In charge of the Brotherhood now.


Name: Wanda Maximoff
Age: 16
Powers: Hexes
Originally From: New York
Known Family: Magneto and Pietro
High School Grade: Sophomore

Unable to control her powers her father (Magneto) put her into an asylum. Professor Xavier who had tried to help her control them. One day Mystique showed up taking her in and brought her to the Brotherhood. She placed Wanda in the care of a friend Agatha who would help her control her powers. Not that happy with finding Pietro there. The ultimate weapon against the X-Men. Was kidnapped by her father. Had her memory changed from bad times to good times by Mastermind.